Offaly Senior Football Team - Championship 2023

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Re: Offaly Senior Football Team - Championship 2023

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Let's be honest the standard of football this summer
Is like the weather .
Was at two games last week and I have never felt
So down .
Some of the management beggars belief .
I have been watching some old videos on dvd lol
Of Offaly in the early 90s it's like watching that
So called generation after the U21 win in 88
Nothing changes

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Re: Offaly Senior Football Team - Championship 2023

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Ah Jaysus Hans WTF have you been smoking since 88

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Re: Offaly Senior Football Team - Championship 2023

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the Untouchable wrote: Wed Aug 23, 2023 3:34 am Look I think there should be little to no expectation on this management to do anything of any significance with this current crop of players....the U20 All Ireland success was a fantastic achievement for the lads involved, but it hasn't had any impact on either the senior team or even on the U20's or minor teams for that matter.

Physically our players are no where near the standard required to compete, we don't have a single player who would make a starting 15 for any of the current Division 1 counties and I think this idea that bringing the U20 manager that won us the All Ireland will be some sort of tonic just is nonsense.

Where do we actually rank in Leinster? We're probably slightly better than Carlow, Wicklow and Longford, but not to any point where we would say that we'd go away to play them and be massively confident of a win!! Laois and Wexford are on a par with us and everyone else in Leinster is better than us comfortably.

Going on about the league been important...Important for what? We aren't getting out of Divison 3 with Clare, Down and Westmeath in it, if we went down to Division 4 it wouldn't be the end of the world as it's probably more where our standard is.

I wish Declan and the lads all the best for the year but I think we as supporters need to be realistic that we just don't have the players & from what I can tell, from a decidedly bang average club championship so far that we aren't producing any terrific standout talent for the county either.
I understand this post has got alot of backlash for being extremely negative but there are some valid points.

I see carlow, wicklow and longford were name checked as the only teams in leinster offaly would be slightly better than. and I agree, I wouldn't be confident of beating any of them either on any given day. longford we fell over the line on both occasions and could easily have lost.

the meath game was a tremendous lift and maybe a false dawn. on the evidence of how both teams progressed after that, I think meath probably would of given our lads a trimming if they met again in tailteann cup.

I sat watching the laois and wexford games with a bit of confidence that we should be beating them but again very very lucky to get a draw with an awful laois team and the display against wexford sorry to say was an absolute disgrace. wexford were made mince meat of in the next game and they managed to put up a huge tally all from play against offaly.

And the club championship has not been average, its been very poor.

So "untouchable" has probably raised valid points even it it comes across as very negative and I know we all want some positivity.

I suppose what we should be asking is, what should be the expectation for next season and what are the targets? we have to set some standard of expectation.

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