Grand Canal Walk 2021

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Sur lookit
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Grand Canal Walk 2021

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Best of luck to all the walkers in this.

Hope all ye have dug deep for this one, I reckoned would have spent €500 on going to matches on various different items over the last year so twas no bother as I'm lucky to be working to pile some back into the county.
Pass it on to friends and family as county can do with all the financial support we can give.

Some great performances by Brendan Murphy and Michael Duignan himself, John Ryan and fair play to Kilclonfert with Josie Beacon and Cathal Mangan flying the flag out there!

Be great to get it over the €200k

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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2021

Post by Anfearban »

Well done to all involved. Great response.

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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2021

Post by Fairplayalways »

ah yeah, everyone to their own as they say, personally I wouldnt be a great match goer now to be honest as it is a costly business and I tend to stay for two games when I do go after paying to get in.., that said I seen loads of game on the GAA TV thing stream over last summer and while I didnt spend next or near €500 I certainly did spend a bit more than usual and a fiver for most games was great value and some contribution to the cause.I did contribute a few bob to a few different walkers, again it wasnt near €500 and it was mainly busineses that were sponsoring the highe profile players/individuals taking part with large amounts such as €100 or €200 but the ordinary man or woman couldnt go that far. They exceeded their expectations I think anyway which is good.

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Bord na Mona man
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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2021

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This fundraising drive has been a great success.
When you're challenging for All Irelands, people will open their wallets, but when success is not an immediate prospect and in the middle of a pandemic
it's a far harder task.

It shows that there is plenty of goodwill towards hurling and football in the county. It's regularly spoken about how Offaly overachieved in the decades up to the millennium end.
On the other hand, for the last 20 years what we've shown on the field was an underachievement when you consider the GAA landscape.

ah lethimoutwithit
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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2023

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This seems to have dropped down the charts big time.
Our hurlers seem to have made no effort to raise anything, would imagine people within their club or their mates would give something?

Some might say our players do enough and that is fine, but then don't put their names forward. bit embarassing looking through it.

Offaly LGFA were included this year but only out up a few walkers, they definitely need the money but from my calculations havn't even raised €2500 between them, and I think the deal is that the GAA gets half this.

its a good initiative and gives an opportunity for people to contribute to the GAA who might not necessarily go to matches or be involved in clubs and €80k is not to be scoffed at but a far cry from where it was a couple of years ago.

A factor might be the high number of games at this time of the year and the cost that that has on regular followers but as I sadi, this might be more aimed at the casual GAA supporter as a fundraiser.

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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2021

Post by Hurling2022 »

Hurlers were put up on the website 2 days before the walk, I’m not even sure they knew they were taking part until a day or two before. But yes I’d agree price of games etc does affect it.

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Re: Grand Canal Walk 2021

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I think it’s more to do with the amount of on line fundraisers there are and people are just fed up. Go on Facebook now and there’ll be a different fundraiser for every day of the week. It’s very difficult going back to the same people all the time.
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