The Summer of ’98 podcasts - Michael Foley

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The Summer of ’98 podcasts - Michael Foley

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I've been listening to most of these episodes and I'd highly recommend them.

Michael Foley recalls in great detail the events of a truly memorable summer. To this day there has never been a hurling championship like it for controversies, plot twists, and chaos.

It fully warrants the running time as there is so much to delve into. Other parts covered are Galway's football breakthrough and the Omagh Bombing which was a catastrophic event right at the start of the emerging peace agreement.

Foley himself as a journalist was in the dressing rooms at the time so you pick up some extra nuggets.
His recall and details are accurate, which is always a bonus.
He presents the events pretty fairly without putting on his own slant, or making it about himself. Like, it's clear that Gerlock went full Colonel Kurtz without the narrator needing to tell you as much.

Both of these links will bring you to the content: ... 66a6b04324

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Re: The Summer of ’98 podcasts - Michael Foley

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highly reccomended. im 3 in and its very good quality unbiased listening .i walk for an hour and listen. its so good id nearly keep walking!! amazing the similarity in the finals score 94 and 98 2.16 1.13 v 3.16 2.13. i never realised that before.

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Re: The Summer of ’98 podcasts - Michael Foley

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Just finished it all today. Great podcast and great memories of ‘98

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